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VIZ Media Announces the Latest Naruto Novel With the Debut of Naruto: Itachi’s Story – Daylight

VIZ Media continues to expand its library of popular Naruto novels with the release of Naruto: Itachi’s Story – Daylight on November 1, 2016.

Naruto’s allies and enemies take center stage in these fast-paced adventures with each book focusing on a particular clan mate, ally, team, or villain. Naruto: Itachi’s Story – Daylight will be available in print and digital editions. The novel was written by Takashi Yano and features original cover art by Naruto creator, Masashi Kishimoto.

MSRP: $10.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN / $6.99 Digital · Available November 1, 2016

Uchiha Itachi, four years of age. With the hell of war burned into his eyes, the boy makes a resolution: he will rid this world of all violence. The birth of Sasuke, meeting his friend Shisui, the academy, genin, chunin, and then the Anbu – Itachi races down the path of glory toward his dream of becoming the first Uchiha Hokage, unaware of the darkness that lies ahead…

Also don’t miss the first three books in the series of Naruto novels – Naruto: Kakashi’s Story, Naruto: Shikamaru’s Story and Naruto: Sakura’s Story, available now in print and digital editions.

VIZ Media Announces the Home Media Release of Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 28

VIZ Media delivers anime adventure and ninja action with the home media release of Naruto Shippuden Set 28 on October 4, 2016.

The latest DVD edition of the series contains the “Shadow of the Anbu story arc,” spanning Episodes 349 to 361, and features dubbed English as well as subtitled audio tracks. MSRP for the 2-disc set will be $39.99 US / $51.99 CAN. Naruto Shippuden is rated ‘TV-14.”

In the latest episodes, years before he became Naruto’s teacher, Kakashi served as a member of the ANBU Black Ops team, where his ruthlessness earned him the nickname “Cold-blooded Kakashi.” But despite his reputation, he is haunted by the deaths of his closest friends during the Third Great Ninja War. As he wrestles with his loss, Kakashi must uncover who is behind illegal genetic experimentation, survive threats from within his own organization, escape capture at the hands of Orochimaru’s followers, and battle a young shinobi who possesses formidable and very rare Wood Style Jutsu. And after these trials, another young ninja joins his unit – Itachi Uchiha.

In the Naruto manga and animated series, Naruto Uzumaki wants to be the best ninja in the land. He’s done well so far, but Naruto knows he must train harder than ever and leaves his village for intense exercises that will push him to his limits. Naruto Shippuden begins two and a half years later, when Naruto returns to find that everyone has been promoted up the ninja ranks – except him. Sakura’s a medic ninja, Gaara’s advanced to Kazekage, and Kakashi… well he remains the same. But pride isn’t necessarily becoming of a ninja, especially when Naruto realizes that Sasuke never returned from his search for Orochimaru. Plus, the mysterious Akatsuki organization is still an ever-present danger. As Naruto finds out more about the Akatsuki’s goals, he realizes that nothing in his universe is as it seems. Naruto is finding that he’s older, but will he also prove wiser and stronger?

VIZ Media is the North American master licensor for Naruto and distributes the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime series and feature films as well as publishes the bestselling Naruto manga series in print and digital editions.

My Impressions of Anime I’ve Recently Watched: Naruto Shippuden Set 27

I spent the last three nights watching a copy of Naruto Shippuden Set 27 that I checked out from the library. This set includes Episodes 336-348 of the series.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to truly say this, but this set includes absolutely no filler material. YAY!

There are two themes that run through the episodes that appear in this set: backstory and revelations. The first episode of Set 27 continues the backstory for Kabuto that began at the end of the previous set. Over the course of these episodes, the viewer also learns the whole truth about Itachi and his actions in the past, Tobi’s true identity is revealed, and we also see the history of the Akatsuki. All of the stories presented in the backstories are emotional, but I think the ending of the Itachi backstory affected me the most.

I’ve actually known Tobi’s true identity for a couple of years, thanks to spoilers and reading the later Naruto chapters that ran in Weekly Shonen Jump that led to the series’ conclusion. However, my husband (who I’ve been watching the anime with), hasn’t seen anything beyond this point in any way, shape, or form didn’t know the truth about Tobi. I admit that it was hard not to say anything and provide any spoilers for this whole time. But when Tobi is unmasked in this set, I let out one word: “Finally!”

The episodes in Set 27 are very important not only for the revelations included in them, they’re also important for the audience to start tying together various characters and elements they’ve seen leading up to this point. From the preview for the episode that will open Set 28, it appears that the exposition and backstory will be continuing.

My Impressions of Anime I’ve Recently Watched: Naruto Shippuden Set 26

Naruto Shippuden Set 26 includes episodes 323-335 of the series. I might potentially include spoilers in this piece, so if you haven’t gotten this far in the series yet, I would recommend stopping right here and not reading any further.


I recently checked out Naruto Shippuden Set 26 from my local library system, and was very happy to discover that there were no filler episodes included. Every episode had a direct connection to the Fourth Great Ninja War. But, having said that, there were a handful of episodes that relied heavily on using a lot of footage from earlier in the series, to the point where they almost felt like clip shows. I haven’t read this far in the manga, so I assume that some of this flashback material was included in the manga, but I suspect that not all of it was. The sheer amount of reused older footage in these episodes made me think that more was included to help stretch the story out in order to give Masashi Kishimoto a chance to get a little further ahead without relying on filler episodes and filler stories.

There’s a lot of exposition included in these episodes, with the biggest reveal being the introduction of all the tailed beasts and their Jinchuriki. We also learn that the Nine Tailed Fox demon actually has a name, and that the other tailed beasts have names as well. There’s a song that appears at the beginning of the episode following this revelation that’s all about the tailed beasts and their Jinchuriki. It was kind of annoying, yet kind of catchy, at the same time. But my most favorite part of the revelation of the tailed beasts and their Jinchuriki was a flashback that showed the tailed beasts when they were much, much younger. Can I say that the chibi Nine Tailed Fox looked absolutely adorable?

We also find out that the masked man claiming to be Madara Uchiha isn’t the real Madara, when a reanimated version of the real Madara appears on the battlefield. But his appearance leads to seeing all five of the Kage teaming up to fight and take him on. Some very nice backstory for Ohnoki is included during this portion of the story.

We finally see Sasuke again (gasp!). He seemed to have all but disappeared for a while, so it was surprising to actually see him again. But what was even more surprising was seeing him teaming up with this reanimated brother to take on Kabuto.

Speaking of Kabuto, this set ends just as his backstory is being revealed. It was a little disappointing that I won’t be able to see the rest of his backstory until I get a chance to watch Naruto Shippuden Set 27. But it’s nice to finally find out more about Kabuto, since so little has been known about his background for so long in the series. This backstory revelation makes me want to see the next box set after it comes out.

Anime DVD Review: Naruto Shippuden Set 25

Naruto Shippuden Set 25 includes episodes 310-322 of the series on two DVDs. Audio options available for the set are the original Japanese audio with English subtitles and the English dub.

Naruto Shippuden Set 25

Publisher: VIZ Media
Format: DVD
Release Date: January 26, 2016

Set 25 continues the story of the Fourth Great Ninja War. Unfortunately, the first seven episodes on the set are all filler episodes. There’s also one filler episode that appears right near the end of the set as well. Unfortunately, the filler stories break the flow of the canon material, especially since the idea that they can’t distinguish between allies and enemies due to the White Zetsus ability to perfectly mimic others was completely ignored during the filler episodes.

And to be honest, most of the filler stories didn’t do much for me. The worst offender was the three-episode arc about Yota, a kid that Naruto and some of the other characters knew when they were younger being reanimated by Kabuto’s jutsu. The character was supposed to be mysterious because he could manipulate the weather due to emotions, but Yota came across as annoying. This filler also broke canon by contradicting the fact that Naruto didn’t have friends until he became part of Team 7, and then used the “reset to zero” trick that’s utilized in filler episodes in order to wipe out the non-canon inconsistencies. If Yota had been a character we had met earlier in the series, I might have actually cared about what was happening with these three episodes. As it was, I found myself slogging through them with the hope that I would soon return to canon material and actually continue the story.

Fortunately, the canon material is worth slogging through the filler, especially the final two episodes on Naruto Shippuden Set 25. These last two episodes raise the stakes considerably, especially after seeing Naruto’s clones taking down the enemy forces so easily. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen in the fight against Madara Uchiha on the next set, and I sincerely hope there won’t be nearly as much filler material on the next set as there was on this one.

When it comes to the DVD set itself, there are five bonus features. First are three pages of storyboards for a section of Episode 321, “Reinforcements Arrive” (and these storyboards will especially be a treat for Naruto and Hinata shippers). Next is the art gallery, which includes six pages of line art. Next, there are “clean” versions of the opening and both of the endings that appeared on the episodes in this set.  There are three versions of the clean openings and endings included: a version without any text, a version with English subtitles, and a version with Romaji subtitles. There are also English credits, along with trailers for other properties that VIZ Media was promoting at the time this set was released.

Naruto Shippuden Set 25 is made up primarily of filler episodes (less than half of the episodes are canon material from the manga), and many of the episodes here can be skipped without missing terribly much. However, the episodes featuring the canon material are very important, so you’ll want this set in order to acquire the episodes that actually help to progress the story.

VIZ Media to Release the Naruto: Sakura’s Story Novel

VIZ Media announces the release of Naruto: Sakura’s Story, the third book in a series of original novels focusing on key characters from the ninja action anime/manga franchise.

Naruto: Sakura’s Story debuts in print and digitally on May 3, 2016 and was written by Takashi Yano and Tomohito Ohsaki. The novel is based on characters and concepts by original Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto.

Allies and enemies from the Naruto series take center stage in these fast-paced adventures, with each novel focusing on a particular clan mate, ally, team, or villain. The latest book depicts the story of Sakura Haruno, a faithful and skilled member of Team 7 and the primary lead female character in the Naruto canon.

MSRP: $10.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN / $6.99 Digital · Available May 3, 2016
The Great Ninja War did not only harm adults, but left many damaged children behind. Medical ninja Sakura travels the land, opening clinics dedicated to healing children of the mental trauma they experienced. She learns of a series of attacks against Konoha, and her investigation leads to an impossible conclusion: Sasuke is the terrorist mastermind behind them all. Using her skills and her heart, Sakura strives to clear Sasuke’s name and bring the real perpetrator to justice.

VIZ Media Announces New Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto and GANGSTA. Publishing Acquisitions

VIZ Media expands its novel and manga publishing roster with the addition of several new title acquisitions set for release later in 2016.

Fans of the Tokyo Ghoul manga series will not want to miss the Fall 2016 debut of the first of three new original prose novels. Each novel will focus on lead characters from the popular horror manga series and feature original illustrations and cover art by series creator, Sui Ishida. VIZ Media continues to expand its collection of Naruto original prose novels with the release of a trio of books focusing on the Uchiha brothers, Itachi and Sasuke.

VIZ Media also adds a new manga publishing acquisition to its library as it announces the Winter 2016 debut of GANGSTA.: CURSED, a spin-off series based on the manga crime thriller GANGSTA. A prequel to the original series featuring the backstory of the character Marco Adriano, GANGSTA.: CURSED is written by Kohske and illustrated by Syuhei Kamo.

New Tokyo Ghoul Publishing Acquisitions

TOKYO GHOUL: DAYS Volume 1 · Debuts Fall 2016
TOKYO GHOUL: VOID Volume 2 · Debuts Early 2017
TOKYO GHOUL: PAST Volume 3 · Forthcoming
MSRP: $12.99 U.S. ea / $14.99 CAN each

Tokyo Ghoul: Days (Volume 1) chronicles six all-new stories from the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Tokyo Ghoul: Void (Volume 2) depicts the aftermath six months after a major event in the Tokyo Ghoul manga. In the Tokyo Ghoul manga series, Ghouls live among us, the same as normal people in every way—except their craving for human flesh. Ken Kaneki is an ordinary college student until a violent encounter turns him into the first half-human half-ghoul hybrid. Trapped between two worlds, he must survive Ghoul turf wars, learn more about Ghoul society and master his new powers.

New Naruto Publishing Acquisitions

NARUTO: ITACHI’S STORY – DAYLIGHT Volume 1 · Debuts Fall 2016
NARUTO: ITACHI’S STORY – MIDNIGHT Volume 2 · Debuts Winter 2016
MSRP: $10.99 U.S. ea / $12.99 CAN each

Three new Naruto novels focusing on the Uchiha brothers, Itachi and Sasuke. Features original cover art by Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto.

Also catch other Naruto original prose novels available now including Naruto: Kakashi’s Story and Naruto: Shikamaru’s Story.

Additional New Manga Publishing Acquisitions

GANGSTA.: CURSED Volume 1 · Rated “M” for Mature Readers ·
MSRP: $12.99 U.S. / $14.99 CAN · Debuts Winter 2016

A new series depicting prequel stories for several of the main characters featured in the original GANGSTA. manga series. In GANGSTA.: CURSED, the man named Marco Adriano is a loyal and beloved member of the Cristiano Family, helping them protect the persecuted Twilight population in the city of Ergastulum. But he was once a boy codenamed “Spas,” raised as a Hunter and assigned to the Destroyers Second Group for a single purpose: to track down and kill Twilights.

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