Otakon Announces Crispin Freeman as Guest

Otakon has announced that anime voice actor Crispin Freeman will be a guest at their next convention. Freeman’s credits include Naruto, Chobits, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and The Slayers.

Otakon will be taking place August 9-11, 2013 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.


3 thoughts on “Otakon Announces Crispin Freeman as Guest

  1. Yay! And I was thinking of going to that convention! There’s no one who’s as versatile as Crispin Freeman, though Brina Palencia comes close in my estimation. Have you heard him play the lead role in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor? Even though it’s the direct opposite of the tough male leads he usually plays, he has Tylor down perfectly. The only problem with that dub is that he’s practically the only VA who does a good job.

      1. It’s perfect when you feel the desire for a comedy, though I will warn you that the first three episodes are the worst in the show. After that, it’s nonstop hilarity, but I do recommend the sub over the dub.

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